He’s My Brother She’s My Sister kick off May residency @ The Satellite

The Satellite’s May residency is one you do not want to miss. He’s My Brother She’s My Sister kicked off their month-long Monday night residence with a full venue, some dear friends and a burlesque troop.

Cowboy & Indian commenced the month dressed for the occasion wearing paint and ponchos. The band being just over a year old features Daniel James of Leopold & His Fiction, Jesse Piemons from Friday Night Lights and the stunning vocals of Jazz Mills. Their full-band harmonies are powerful – feeling like a southern locomotive heading straight into your ears. A beauteous balance of rustic male and pure female vocals in addition to well-paced songs, Cowboy & Indian captured the crowd and had people dancing early in the night.

The special act of the night were the Rag Dolls, a cheeky burlesque troop wearing, you guessed it, doll outfits. These ladies locked the audiences’ gaze with a couple dance numbers and occasionally revealing their tushies.

Soko and her guitar enchanted the crowd for her last time with great whispers and shouts that well-prepared the anxious audience. Quirky and emotive, she engaged the crowd, making fun of the drunks, loving people’s animated laughs and bringing them really close to the stage. She invited the audience to sing with her for I’m Scared I’m Going To Die Alone but encouraged them to continue singing through the rest of her set because they “sounded like little angels.”

No, they aren’t Donny and Marie but they sure are welcome to take their place from here on! He’s My Brother She’s My Sister feature great complimenting vocals that switch back and forth to tell tales of love, drinking and daydreams. Furthermore, Lauren Brown’s tap dancing as percussion, a stand up bass manned by Fantastic Oliver of The Pleasure Circus and Aaron Robinson on slide guitar make this performance even more unique and zesty. Rachel Kolar wore a billowing white dress that draped to the floor while Rob wore his essential top hat. The dress code of the night was colors and the band was not exempt, wearing purples, turquoise and polka dots. The overflowing venue was excited into dance and sing-along, recognizing the familiar cover of Same Old Ground (Lemon Sun), which also featured a flawless slide guitar solo by Robinson. 

Not only was Tales That I Tell a sing-along for everyone but Rachel also called it an “exorcism so all your demons will be released on this new moon,” a theme that interwoven throughout the set. Their final song of the night, How’m I Gonna Get Back Home, featured prominent tap dancing and a breakdown into a standup bass solo as Rob introduced the band to the crowd, appropriately featuring the lyrics, “I may regret the things I said but I won’t let my mind a fret cause I know everything will be alright.”

The overflowing venue was excited into dance and sing-along, recognizing the familiar cover of Same Old Ground (Lemon Sun), which also featured a flawless slide guitar solo by Robinson.  During The House That Isn’t Mine, the band made an unusual request to turn of all the lights in the venue and slipped on sinister masks to play their most quiet, and eerie, song.  For Lazy Daze, Patrick Joseph joined the stage to assist with percussion while Lauren played a congo drum, enhancing the rustic vibe of the set.  Their new song, Escape Tonight, features rock-influenced guitar and bass riffs as well as a unique clap that Rob and Cowboy & Indian, who joined Rachel to sing back up vocals, had to teach to the crowd.

Each week, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister has you aching to return with great artists and entertainment chosen by the band themselves, next week they will be joined by acts such as The Pleasure Circus and the Sweaters.

Inspired by “escapes, enchantment and illusion” in support of their new single Escape Tonight, each Monday will feature a different theme and dress code as well as a free (for the first 100 attendees to the merch booth) USB cards uniquely tailored to thenight’s entertainment featuring music, videos and artwork.

Did I mention entrance is FREE, every night?! So get there early!

-britt witt

Photo by Zane Roessell.

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He’s My Brother She’s My Sister @ Redwood Bar

Surrounded by netting, ropes and nautical pictures of boats at sea, The Redwood Bar created the perfect intimate atmosphere for He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.  The crowd packed in nearly shoulder-to-shoulder and was already dancing at the beginning of the set.  The band consisted of four people: a stand-up bass man, a tap dancer and two singers multi-tasking between the kick drum and the tambourine.  By the end of their first song, “Straight Shooter,” the crowd was already smitten with their performance.  Cheers, claps, whistles and even calling out to the band members by name occurred perfectly with the end of every song.

The songs of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister were quick, sweet and uplifting—even the slow-paced numbers got bodies moving.  As the set progressed, Lauren Brown’s hair came down out of its bun and enhanced the mystifying tap dancing experience, giving more volume to her performance.  Oliwa, the stand-up bass man, was playing his first show with He’s My Brother She’s My Sister but one could hardly tell.  He didn’t miss a note, kept up with the other members and grooved to the songs as if a veteran member of the band.  Their fourth song, which Rachel Kolar called her favorite, was a cover of Rob Kolar’s other band, Lemon Sun.  “Touch the Lighting” was modified perfectly to fit the folk-y persona of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.  Only relying on the unstable kickdrum that Rob was manipulating, the song was brought down to an acoustic level; with the addition of Rachel’s harmonies and the power of the stand up bass, the song turned out much more intimate and focused.
Lauren’s tapping drove their fifth song, “Clackin’ Heels”, and she even tapped a fantastic solo that made the crowd go wild.  In between songs, the banter of Rob and Rachel made them accessible and illustrated their comedic personalities.  Rachel spoke in funny accents and found silly ways to introduce every song.

The band revealed more of their unique ways in “Lazy Daze.”  In harmonies, Rachel stayed low while Rob went high, demonstrating their wide vocal ranges as well as a singing structure that is rare.  Furthermore, their fun way of starting the song off slow and gradually picking up the pace to the point of jumping while singing got the crowd involved and jumping along.  “This is the dance portion of the show,” Rob shouted to the crowd as they started “Tales That I Tell.”  “We want you guys to sing with us, will you sing with us?”  Rachel proceeded to instruct the crowd how to sing the chorus and got everyone to sing and dance along.

For “Same Old Ground,” another Lemon Sun cover, they called up a couple friends to help sing with them, creating an amiable and informal atmosphere that aided the song’s disposition.  Despite lacking a whole drumset and the electric instruments of Lemon Sun, they still brought all the passion and power that the song deserves.  The crowd sang along and the song became another great communal experience.  At the finish of their set, Rob excitedly told the crowd, “This show has been really fun!”  The crowd agreed and called for an encore which He’s My Brother She’s My Sister hardly hesitated to do.  Rob told the crowd that Rachel is just debuting the encore song and she encouraged the crowd to sing along because she didn’t know the words herself, telling everyone, “If you know the words, do sing along because I have a cheat sheet!”  Rob and Rachel get along quite well on stage, especially for being brother and sister. Yes, they are.  During their cover of “Train Of Love” by Johnny Cash, Rob was always watching Rachel with a hopeful and supporting stare as she occasionally glanced at her lyrics cheat sheet.  Rachel was very animated and danced along.  At the end, the crowd sent the band off in a roar of cheers and smiles, the show had a great friendly vibe that left a lingering positive feeling.

Britt Witt

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